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Tourism and cycling

The village of Brtníky is the starting point of marked paths and routes for tourists and bikers leading to the Národní park České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland National Park) and the Národní park Saské Švýcarsko (Saxon Switzerland National Park) as well as to the area of Šluknovský výběžek (Šluknov Hook) and the Lužické hory (Luž Mountains).

The area of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park offers a variety of opportunities for trips in woodland striated with a lot of ravines and canyons with sand rocks. Bikers can ride only the marked cycling routes. Near Brtníky, there are several frontiers crossings for pedestrians and bikers to the German part of the area of sand-stones called the Saxon Switzerland National Park. In winter visitors can admire the nearby icefalls (Opona by Šternberk, Velký sloup in the Vlčí potok (Wolf Brook) valley and the ice decoration in the Jeskyně víl (Cave of Fairies) in the Kyjov valley on their hikes or cross-country skiing trips).

The area of the Šluknovská pahorkatina (Šluknov Hilly Land) around Brtníky is characterized by a rough terrain with distinct wooded hills (Tanečnice, Hrazený, Vlčí hora, Dymník). In the vicinity of Brtníky it is possible to climb up several watchtowers (Vlčí hora, Dymník, Tanečnice and Weifberg in Germany) which afford stunning panoramic views. Thanks to close proximity to the frontier with Germany it is possible to take trips also to that foreign area both by car (the nearest frontier crossings are in Dolní Poustevna - Sebnitz, Rožany - Sohland and Rumburk - Seifhennersdorf) and on foot or bikes using the frontier crossings for pedestrians and bikes. In the area of Šluknovský výběžek (Šluknov Hook) visitors can also ride some marked cycling routes of different levels of difficulty.

The area of the Lužické hory (Luž Mountains) is a hilly land with possibilities of panoramic views from hills and mountains (Jedlová, Luž, and Klíč).