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Another interesting trips

Mezní Louka, the Pravčická brána (Pravčická Gate), Hřensko, the Kamenice River Gorges (14 km). The starting point of this trip to the biggest sandstone rock bridge in Europe and to the wild canyon of the Kamenice is a place called Mezní Louka (a part of Hřensko). You can get from Brtníky to Mezní Louka by car through Kyjov, Doubice, Chřibská, Rynartice, Jetřichovice and Vysoká Lípa (30 km, attention it is a road of 3rd class with a lot of curves). From the parking place in Mezní Louka go along the red-marked path (Gabrielina stezka-Gabriela´s Path) along the feet of big rocks up to the national nature monument Pravčická brána (www.pbrana.czwww.soutesky-hrensko.cz,www.ceskosaske-svycarsko.cz). It is the biggest sandstone rock bridge in Europe with the height of 21 m and the span of 30 m. The entrance onto the Pravčická brána itself is forbidden, however it is allowed to climb up onto the adjoining rock view points (there is an entrance fee because the land around is private). From the Pravčická brána walk on along the red-marked path sloping into the town of Hřensko (some refreshment in the pubs and restaurants possible). At the beginning of the town turn left on the yellow-marked path leading to Edmundova and Divoká soutěska (Edmond´s and Wild Gorges). You walk along wild rocks in the canyon with the clean water of the Kamenice River. The canyon is about 5 km long and there are two little ferry-boat crossings over the river. After the Wild Gorge the yellow mark leaves the canyon and joins the blue one. Walking along this path you comfortably come up back to your starting point in Mezní Louka.



Jetřichovické vyhlídky (Jetřichovice view points, Loupežnický hrádek (Šaunštejn), Vysoká Lípa, Dolský mlýn, Jetřichovice (15 km). The starting point of this trip is Jetřichovice. From Brtníky to Jetřichovice you can get by car via Kyjov, Doubice, Chřibská and Rynartice (19 km, attention it is a road of 3rd class with a lot of curves). From Jetřichovice the red marked path goes sharply up to Mariina skála (Maria´s Rock View Point) which can be seen from Jetřichovice already (a little cottage on a sharp rock point). Walk on along the red path, visit Vilemínina stěna (Vilemína´s Rock Wall) and Rudolfův kámen (Rudolphs Stone) (also a little cottage on a rock point with stairs and ladders). Walk down from Rudolfův kámen along the red-marked path to the rock saddle called Pohovka (Sofa) (tourist crossroads). Go on along the path on the shoulder of the hill called Koliště (beautiful views). The red mark meets Česká silnice (Czech Road)-historical path leading up to the border line). After a while the red-marked path turns via Šaunštejn, the little rock guardcastle (attention-difficult climbing). There is a wonderful view down from Šaunštejn. Climb down and turn to the yellow path leading to the village of Vysoká Lípa (some refreshment possible). Walking through the village along the yellow path you can admire folk architecture and picturesque panorama of the landscape around the village. When you see a blue mark, leave the yellow one and take the blue path and walk in the direction of Dolský mlýn. When you leave the village, the blue path begins sloping down through a rocky valley to the Kamenice River. Dolský mlýn, a romantic ruin, is situated there. Just after Dolský mlýn the blue path leads you on little rocky stairs to the crossroads with a yellow mark. Take the yellow path and it leads you along the beautiful clean Jetřichovická Bělá back to the starting point in Jetřichovice.
Note: This route is really beautiful, however quite difficult because of the alter gain in the rocks) It is possible to cut it shorter (e. g. walk down from the saddle of Pohovka to Jetřichovice or take a trip from Jetřichovice to Dolský mlýn and back the same way). Anyway, it is highly recommended to take a part of the route at least.



The Lužické hory (Luž Mountains) - the Tolštejn Castle, Jedlová, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou, štola Jana Evangelisty (7 km). The starting point of this trip is Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. From Brtníky you can drive (15 km), take a train or a bus to Jiřetín. From the centre of Jiřetín walk up along a non-marked asphalt road leading through the settlement of Rozhled. Follow the direction arrows up to the castle ruin Tolštejn. The castle of Tolštejn used to be the seat of the House of Berka from Dubá who governed that area including the Šluknovský výběžek. Nowadays, the castle is the symbol and centre of so called Tolštejn Manor, which is the tourist area in that part of the country. The Project of Tolštejnské panství helps to promote this area and support tourist industry there. The ruin is come-at-able and offers a great view of the surroundings. After climbing up onto Tolštejn take the red-marked path up to the top of Jedlová (780 m above sea level). On the top, there is a come-at-able look-out tower offering a wonderful view of the Lužické Mountains, Czech and Saxon Switzerland and the area of Šluknov, also the Jizerské Mountains, Krkonoše Mountains, Ralská pahorkatina and České Středohoří. There is a restaurant on the top of Jedlová. Then you climb down Jedlová along the red path but just a few metres down to the first crossroads. There take the red path on the right and walk down to the crossroads where the green-marked path is. Follow the green mark to the left and walk down in direction of Jiřetín. On the way, there is Křížová hora (Cross Mountain) where you can visit a little chapel and the Way of the Cross. Keep climbing down to the square in Jiřetín. If you wish, you can visit a local interesting place called the Mine Tunnel of Jan Evangelista. Take the main road to the left straight from the square in Jiřetín. Leave the town and pass a cowshed and just behind, it there is the entrance to the mine tunnel (guided visits, children under 10 years free, open May-October). The local mine tunnels are the memories of the mining era in the Middle Ages (silver, copper, lead and tin). For those who are interested in mining around Jiřetín there is an educational trail about mining in the valley of the Milířka and also an exhibition about the history of local mining in the local Museum of Mining. For more information visit the Information centre in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou (tel.: +420 412 379 336).